Ivan Arnaudov
Ivan ArnaudovFounder & CEO
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Ivan Arnaudov

Hi there,

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I’m Ivan Arnaudov Founder & CEO of Sales Strategy Consulting Ltd.

What’s in it for you?

If you sell products, services or business solutions, I will help you design, implement, or improve your lead management and marketing automation programs in order to make your numbers.

I focus on developing and implementing lead generation strategies, powered by marketing automation and technology platforms.

On this site you’ll find out how I can help you achieve your sales and marketing goals, revenue growth and customer loyalty.

Why me?

  • More than 18 years of practical experience in marketing, sales and business development
  • One-stop independent consulting, implementation and action plan
  • As Interim Manager I am at the same time a consultant and an implementer
  • Immediate implementation of assignments
  • Import of know-how and best practice into your company
  • Calculable costs – temporary commitment, only actual days worked are paid for
  • Possible at full- or part-time
  • Direct performance measurement within a tight time and budget frame
  • Mobility at home and abroad
  • No language gap. I speak German and English fluently

With Sales Strategy Consulting Ltd, I have worked across multiple industries and companies large and small including SAP, Cisco, Trend Micro and Infor providing guidance and advice on strategy and operations.

Prior to Sales Strategy Consulting, I have held management positions in operations, sales and marketing at several international Finance, BPO and IT companies, and spent a number of years living, studying and working in Germany.

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