Tsvetan Krastev
Tsvetan KrastevAssociate Partner

Tsvetan Krastev

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I’m Tsvetan Krastev Associate Partner of Sales Strategy Consulting.

More than 10 years my career has been focused on putting in place a discipline behind the budgeting, planning and forecasting process, before delivering large-scale operational enhancements, direct cost reductions, measurable process improvements, process automations, organizational redesign and performance transformation to the highest standards including start-ups and growing companies.

I am very comfortable with “getting my hands dirty” and setting up processes from scratch – either prior to passing them on or operating them when stable. I am also happy with performing any day-to-day strategy and operational processes having done this several times during my career as part of setting up entire operations from scratch.

In particular, I am highly driven and committed, with a strong background in call center management, back office process design, credit risk and fraud management, operations and general management in the areas of home collected credit cash loans, payday loans and credit cards.

My core competence includes Operations and General Management in financial services.

If you need some key initiatives delivered but are short on resources or expertise, please contact me and together we can to find a solution.

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