What We Do

Who We Are

Sales Strategy Consulting Ltd is an untraditional advisory firm, specialized in marketing automation, sales acceleration, operational improvement, and outsourced executive management.

We empower local and international start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises to establish customer excellence via an intelligent combination of practitioner experience, marketing automation tools, and supporting services into an integrated business model.

We can assess, design and implement processes, systems, and discipline for your existing business that will enable you grow to the next business stage and take your company to the next level.

Sales Strategy Consulting is here to help you maximize your profits and deliver measurable revenue results, optimizing your critical drivers that making your business more successful:

  • People
  • Process
  • Organization
  • Technology
  • Strategy

How We Work

Our services will help your company to make a fast entry into the target markets with strong customer relations, accelerated revenue stream and guaranteed knowledge transfer to your own team.

Our core competence includes planning, creating, managing and executing of business strategies.

Unlike traditional consultants, we focus on measurable results and work side-by-side with your company as a part of your team.

  • We offer big firm strategy and expertise to SMBs
  • We find simple solutions to complex problems
  • One-stop independent consulting, analysis, implementation and action plan
  • Direct performance measurement within a tight time and budget frame
  • We will stand behind our work and we work with you until you are satisfied
  • We are easy to talk to
  • We are nimble and always available
  • We are Diamond Partner of SALESmanago
  • The success of our company is dependent on the success of your company
You need support to surge your marketing and sales performance and make your numbers?

Is it crystal clear to you what you should offer, who your target customers are, why they should buy it and how you should promote and distribute your products and services?

If you sell products or business solutions, we will help you to make a managed and professional entry into new markets and exceed your marketing and sales goals.

Our job is to support and assist you throughout this difficult process.

Usually, our customers use our services for strategic projects to develop marketing and sales plans, evaluate marketing, sales  and operation process effectiveness, create go-to-market strategies and deliver marketing and sales training programs.

Sales Strategy Consulting provides one-stop shop consultancy services designed to support your business environment.

The people who benefit from our services include Owners, Founders, Investors, CEOs, CMOs, CSOs, COOs, Directors or Managers of Sales and Marketing and Business Development.

Since 2009, we have worked with a number of Software, Technology, Finance, BPO, Travel & Leisure and e-Commerce companies. As such, we have developed a deep knowledge and expertise in these industries. As industries rapidly change, we help our clients navigate these shifts and give them the tools needed to survive and success.

Here is a sample of the types of efforts your company can accomplish by working with Sale Strategy Consulting:

  • Clearly overview of the customer’s needs and their decision process
  • Improving sales and marketing alignment
  • Increase brand awareness and market share
  • Optimize your sales funnel to convert more qualified leads
  • Focusing on lead quality over lead quantity
  • Reduce the length of your sales cycle
  • Improve sales performance and marketing ROI
  • Retain high-margin customers and reduce churn
  • Improve customer service and increase customer lifetime value
  • Enter new markets
  • Increase sales and revenue
  • Improve sales performance
  • Decrease costs
  • Optimize operational efficiency

What Customer Say

I have been working with Ivan since 2009. We have engaged with SSC on several marketing and sales projects and have been delighted with the results. I highly recommend Ivan to any B2B marketing and sales teams needing a detailed strategy plan that produces results. He is a man of action and knows how to make things happen. He is also a ton of fun to work with!
Katya VelikovaKatya Velikova, Customer Care BG
Ivan is our trusted partner in the Marketing & Sales Strategy field. His knowledge and experience run deep into many industries. He has provided critical support for our team here at just the perfect time – helping us to leverage new technologies to gain rapid answers to critical business questions. I highly recommend Ivan and his company.
Ivailo GeorgievIvailo Georgiev, Rentex
Ivan has challenged my sales skills and has educated me on new ways to approach situations that have made an enormous impact. What a coach! What a mentor! What an approach! Thank you Ivan.
Yavor PopovYavor Popov
I have been working with Ivan for more than 10 years with different companies and still stay together and continue to do business. Of course we are happy customer of Sales Strategy Consulting too!
Vladimir RashevVladimir Rashev, Balkan Services

Sales Strategy Consulting helps us with set-up, integration and ongoing strategic and technical support by on boarding the platform. SALESmanago let’s us use the power of marketing automation, through which we continually increase the effectiveness of our marketing activities.

viktor-viktorov_ceo_mymall-bgViktor Viktorov, Mymall.bg
Ivan truly understands the evolution of B2B marketing and the role that technology can play in that evolution. Most importantly, Ivan gets that technology is an enabler of people and process, not a replacement.
Nilolay MilekovNikolay Milenkov, Balkan Services

When Ivan consulted us on what we have to do, sometimes I felt embarrassed. The answers seemed so logical and obvious, but this happens only after you ask.