Contact Center

Our contact center consulting services include practical, cost effective, innovative knowledge, frameworks and best practices to help your business develop successful contact center management.

Usually we work directly with the call centre’s owners or companies’ executives to assess and improve existing processes and to develop on-going process improvement.

We assist call centers of all types and sizes with operational and strategic issues and specialize in the following key customer’s contact center consulting areas:

  • Call centre start-up
  • Call center technology design and selection
  • Call center check-up
  • Call center staffing, training development and delivery
  • Call center scripting design
  • Call center performance management
  • Call center operation assessment
  • Call center quality monitoring and evaluation
  • Call center outsourcing


Our typical engagement:

  • Call center transformation, redesign and performance improvement
  • Problem identification
  • Operation and project analyses
  • Review alternatives and formulate solutions
  • Develop, manage or participate in the execution of the action plans
  • Recommend changes and enhancements to customers contact center based upon analyses of operational metrics and best practices expertise


Facilitation of specific on-site training workshop sessions such as:

  • Supervisor training
  • Agents’ performance improvement
  • Team coaching and mentoring
  • Monitor calibration
  • Action planning