Organization Design

Does your company have a gap between a strategy and execution?

If your answer is yes, probably you have a poor or outdated operating model.

A well-designed operating model provides a clear overview for your resources and company’s strategic priorities.

Sales Strategy Consulting partners with clients like you to help them design and implement operating models that translate strategy into effective execution, to deliver results. This includes defining the required capabilities in Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Operation departments. We will assist you becoming more efficient, scalable and flexible.

We will help you create a Marketing, Sales, Customer Service and Operation organization, business units and functions that work.

How we help:

  • Assessment of current organization model
  • Assessment of existing departments (Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Operation)
  • Assessment of existing talents
  • Business units’ structure and process design
  • Customer-centric departments’ alignment
  • Org chart
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Building capabilities for performance
  • Motivation strategy and gamification
  • Transition plan