Lead Management

Digital channels have given target audiences more influence than ever before.

In order to succeed in this challenging environment, you must bring value in your new omni-channel approach to acquire and serve customers.

Mass marketing techniques are outdated. We are in an economy of attention where consumers are choosing which messages are most appropriate for them. Relevance, personalization and timely engagements with prospects are crucial for your corporate strategy.

You need to increase the efficiency of your sales force and have it focused on the right sales opportunities?

You want to set up own lead management program?

If these are hot topics and goals in your company Sales Strategy Consulting is here to help you with:

  • Aligning sales and marketing
  • Segmenting data and developing of buying personas
  • Designing content strategy
  • Creating sales efficiency through lead scoring
  • Increasing conversions through lead nurturing
  • Measuring marketing’s impact on revenue

Sales Strategy Consulting delivers one stop shop of lead management full services including:

  • Complex lead management consulting
  • B2B lead management strategy and process design, implementation and improvement
  • B2B outbound lead generation team recruiting, on boarding, training and managing
  • Generating of high quality sales leads (SQL) that drive sales Lead Generation
  • Screening and nurturing the potential sales opportunitiesLead Qualification
  • Supporting your sales managers until the 1st meeting Appointment SettingLead Qualification
  • Preparation of your lead nurturing campaigns – Campaign Management
  • Developing and implementation of your lead management process in to your CRM

Benefits and added value for Your Company

  • Increase your sales hit-rate by having pre-screened qualified sales leads
  • A continuous pipeline of qualified sales opportunities
  • Increased knowledge of who the most valuable prospects are in your market
  • Focus on the right decision makers
  • Improved outbound approach and process
  • More predictable revenue growth