Sales Process

The sales process in every company is formulated in a different way, but usually it is linearly structured and thus it offers very limited added value to sales.

Most sales processes can be defined in simple, clear phrases, intended to inform management about the exact stage of the development of a deal and the expected timing of its closure.

If you want to build a truly efficient sales process, you have to analyze and understand your customers’ buying process. You have to find out what the most important thing for your customers is. How do they get informed about new products and services? How and when do they plan their budget and who are the parties involved in that process? How is the buying decision made? How do they negotiate the terms and conditions?

Knowing your customer’s buying process you’d be able to structure your own sales process according to it.

A well-structured sales process ensures a better understanding of the customer and is not solely focused on sales figures. It measures how well your sales process complies with the purchasing habits of your customers.

Year after year companies have been focusing on the sales processes from company perspective i.e. percentages of successful target achievement, forecasting future results and so on… The problem is that approaching the topic this way companies impose limitations on themselves. They know how they sell to customers, but fail to understand how customers buy. And we all know customers buy the way they want, not the way we want them to. Consequently in order to have an effective sales process at your organisation, it has to be shaped according to your customers’ buying behaviour.

Do you know your customers’ buying behaviour?

Do you have a strong customer – oriented value proposition?

Do you fully understand the customer’s decision criteria?

Do you spend a huge amount of time mapping customers needs in the first meeting? What does the prospect gets from this?

Today, prospects have made more than 60% of their purchased decision before even talking to your sales force.

We will help you digitalize the modern sales process and sales methodology implementing inbound marketing strategy and marketing automation in your sales strategy.


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Benefits and added value for Your Company:

  • Win/loss ratio and sales volume are increased by optimizing the sales process
  • Shorter sales cycles and more reliable forecast information
  • Comprehensive identification of the buying center
  • Sales projects are managed and kept under control
  • Action plans which maximize your chances of winning
  • Easy identification of key problems in the sales process
  • Critical analysis of competitive position